All About Alternatives: Meat

We are not lacking for meat substitutes these days, especially with the growing popularity of a plant-based (or "plant-forward," as I like to call it) diet. The health benefits of eating more plants a...

Apr 2023

Green Smoothie Overnight Oats

Sometimes you want the benefits of a smoothie, with a little more stick-to-your-ribs heft. Because of the carb and protein content, try this Green Smoothie Overnight Oats recipe to refuel after an hou...

Mar 2023

Tropical Post-Workout Smoothie

Starting (or re-committing to) your health and fitness goals is even easier with this post-workout smoothie recipe from Ayesha Curry. After a strong workout, transport yourself to a tropical island wi...

Jan 2023

8 Fresh Takes on UK Christmas Dishes

This festive season we're mixing things up with twists on traditional Christmas dishes from around the world. Rounding out our series are traditional Christmas dishes from the United Kingdom. Many cla...

Dec 2022

Should I Work Out On My Period?

working out on your period
Lately, I've been using the blogs to answer some questions I hear all the time. My thought is that if a bunch of you girls are asking the same thing, there are probably l...

Aug 2021

The Best Post Workout Routine

post workout routine
I'm not gonna lie, booty week comes for me hard! Hah. These are our biggest muscles that can handle the most, but they're usually the most underused. That means, when we start ...

Jul 2021