Google Fi takes the sting off the Pixel Fold price tag with $700 off

Google Fi takes the sting off the Pixel Fold price tag with $700 off
May 2023

So far, the Pixel Fold looks like an impressive first foldable from Google but, wow, is it expensive. It would be nice to knock at least a few dollars off that sky-high $1,799 price tag. You can actually do that at Google Fi where, with a two-year service commitment, you can get $700 off a Pixel Fold. That could go up to $1,000 off if you trade in an eligible phone.

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If you weren't plugged in yesterday, the Fold was officially announced as a real-life product after about three years of rumors. Google is not necessarily known for cutting-edge hardware, but the Fold looks great. In the US market, it can claim the titles of "thinnest foldable" and "biggest foldable battery" which is a neat trick. Google's push into foldables also hopefully contains some Android and Google app software work, but we'll have to investigate that when the phone finally launches on June 27.

Whether you actually want to own a foldable, however, is a big question. Foldable are notorious for still having screens that spontaneously shatter. Samsung still hasn't fixed this, even on its fourth version of the Galaxy Z Fold, and the Pixel Fold most likely uses a Samsung screen. Buying such an expensive phone and having it possibly shatter is scary. Having that happen and then dealing with Google's notorious support line is even scarier.

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